Phone 7 App & Gestures Video Kit

Want to advertise or show off your app or service on the iPhone 7? This template allows you to easily customize and create your own scenes for commercials, demos, or promotions with ease and a TON of customizability. It was created out of our own frustrations with making such videos.

How This is Different From Other Templates

The focus of this project was to make it easy for one to interchange gestures, screens, and the environment of the scenes rather than following a pre-ordained format or flow of the commercial that is hard to change. Screens, animations, and gestures are all separated out for you, so you can easily swap them in and out of your scenes or even use them to build new your own!

Gestures, Gestures, Gestures

All the most commonly used gestures are packed in, including pinch in, pinch out, tapping, directional swipes, and scrolling! With the exception of the pinches, all the gestures are hi-res and .PSD based so you can edit and zoom into them if you want!

Packed-In Screen Animations

Not to mention, the vast variety of screen animations from home screen unlocks, opening apps, notification badge alerts, drop-down notifications, pop up keyboards, and animations to match your swipe, scroll, and tap gestures!

This project includes:

  • No plugins required or pre-rendered footage!
  • In-depth how-to guide to customizing and building your own scenes!
  • Fully editable scenes
  • A set of the most common gestures: swipes in 4 directions, scrolling, taps, pinch in, pinch out
  • Useful screen animations including entering and exiting the home screen, notifications, animations to match swipes and taps, typing
  • Replaceable app icons
  • Replaceable wallpaper
  • Replaceable background
  • BONUS: 3 .PSD files you can use, the iPhone held in horizontal and vertical positions, and a mockup of the screen including a home screen, notifications, keyboards, and app menu elements



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