Ứng dụng Xposed edge pro Apk

Module này cung cấp cho bạn kiểm soát cử chỉ, điều khiển chính và trigger thông minh khác. để kích hoạt các hành động mà bạn muốn.

– Edge gestures.
– Keys.
– Pie.
– Shortcut panel.
– Side bar.
– Schedule(alarm).
– App state.
– More(boot completed, screen turned on/off, wifi connected/disconnected…)…

– Default, as system default. None, do nothing.
– Navigates: back, home, recent apps…
– Controls: sleep/wake up, show power menu, shutdown, reboot, expand notifications panel…
– Rotation control.
– Media controls: play/pause, next, previous, stop…
– Fast scroll: scroll to top/ bottom.
– Edit: copy, paste…
– Universal copy, one tap copy text every where.
– Settings: auto brightness, rotation, wifi, mobile data…
– Start app/shortcut/activity, finish activity, previous app/next app, kill app…
– Freezer: freeze/thraw app.
– Input gesture, key event, text…
– Shortcut panel, app drawer, freezer drawer, side bar…
– Floating widget.
– Pie.
– Swipe adjust: swipe on the edge to adjust brightness, screen filter, volume…
– Gesture pointer, extends your finger.
– Pen: draw on the top of screen.
– Notification, speech, toast.
– Screen filter, torch.
– Shell command.
– Conditional: if screen on, keyguard on, wifi connected/disconnected, battery level, time period, wifi connected to, app focused…
– Multi action, saved multi action

CHPLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jozein.xedgepro


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